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I'm Tyler

I am 32 years old.

I am a certified automotive technician. I work at a dealership in Brooklyn Park, just a couple miles from home. I work full time and get to put in a little over time here and there.

I am a very calm, laid back person who enjoys being around people and helping them out. I do my best to treat everyone respectfully and with kindness. I try to make myself available as much as possible to help out friends and family when they need me.

One of my favorite things to do is be outside. It doesn’t matter if I am riding my Harley, playing catch with my wife, taking a canoe trip to the Boundary Waters, watching a baseball game, riding my bicycle, or doing yard work. As long as I am out in the fresh air, I am a pretty happy guy. Jamie even joins me on the motorcycle once in a while!

I am also a guitar player. I taught myself in my teens and have loved it ever since.

I also love going up to our family cabin in the winter. It is a quiet, peaceful place that really relaxes us and helps us unwind after a long week of work. We usually end up watching old movies that make us laugh, reading and playing board games by the fire, and in the warmer months we ride ATVs and have bonfires.

Both Jamie and I really enjoy having pets. We have two cats (Witness and Calvin) and a little Chihuahua (Josie). They all get along really well and are very quiet and cuddly creatures. I grew up in a family that always had a dog and can’t imagine not having any of them around.

I also enjoy spending time with our friends and families. We enjoy going out to dinners, hosting get-togethers, and going to concerts with anyone and everyone. As much as we can we try to include people in our plans. We also enjoy our quiet time at home. We love to play old Nintendo games and relive our childhoods.

I have wanted to be a dad as long as I can remember. My oldest sister has three boys and I have really enjoyed watching them grow from pudgy little babies into three very different young men. Experiencing that with my own child, even for the short time we had, was incredible and I wouldn't give that time up for the world. I have dreamed of teaching our child to become a great person, and to really be active in their life. I want to share my interests with them; going to baseball games together, working on a car in the garage, or teaching them to play one of the instruments i love. Building that relationship is something I look forward to the most. I want to give our child as much as I can so they can have a rich and fulfilled life.


I'm Jamie

I am 36.

I am a Radiologic Technologist, which is a fancy way of saying I take x-rays. I work at a clinic in Maple Grove and love the place and people I work with. I am full time but am lucky enough to only work three days a week!

I am a very sensitive person who always tries to be empathetic and there for my friends and family. I would have to say I am a person a lot of them come to for advice, just someone to listen, or to really work out a problem.

One of my most favorite things to do is read. I can take down a book in one day and I love it. I love finding new authors or reading something totally out of my normal wheelhouse. I also really enjoy going to concerts and theater shows, be that musicals, plays, or comedy! It’s a wonderful way to make cool memories with my family, husband or friends.

I love taking walks or riding bikes with Tyler. We even have a dog basket for the bikes so tiny Josie can come with us and enjoy the outside too! We have some great lakes and trails near our house so we have a lot of options to explore.

I am an avid animal lover. We have two cats (Witness and Calvin) and a dog (Josie) currently. I cannot imagine having a life without pets. I grew up having them and taking care of them. Its something I always want as part of our family.

Spending quality time at home is another one of my favorite things. I also love to go up to our cabin in the winter. It’s so warm and cozy with a big fire that it’s a joy to just be there and enjoy the quiet or a few movies. During the summer I love going up to my friend, but really my sister, Lainie’s cabin. I grew up there with her and so it’s a place with a lot of memories.

I have known that I wanted to be a mom for many years. My half-sister is 15 years older than me and so when I was 15 she had her first daughter. It was love at first sight and I couldn’t get enough of just spending time with Taylor. I just knew it was something I wanted for myself someday. When Sully was born and I held him in my arms I felt in my bones that I was right where I was supposed to be, he was the most amazing blessing and I am thankful for every moment I had. The thought of sharing our lives with another tiny soul brings joy and happiness to my heart. Not only would we be given an extraordinary gift again, but we would once again get to welcome another family into our hearts. Big families are so joyful to me so it’s been very special to add that to our lives.




We have known of one another for many years. Jamie has been friends with Tyler's middle sister, Regan, since they were 12 years old. We "re-met" at Regan's wedding. We were both in the wedding party. We had such a great time that day and laughed a lot.  We discovered that we both could have a complete conversation in movie lines and it all just clicked and was so easy. It was a really good day to say the least! And now we are very close with Regan and her husband Mark; we are the Fab Four! And it all started that day, which is really, really cool.

Regan and Mark on their best day ever. We didn't know what to do with our hands.


Sully's Story

   On July 10th , 2017 we got the email that our hearts had been waiting for. Josie and Dakota had chosen us to be the forever parents for the child that sweet Josie was carrying. We would soon go to meet these incredible birth parents and learn that we would be getting a son at the end of September. Our greatest prayer had been answered!
   Our miracle Sullivan Joseph was born on September 22, 2017 and he was beautiful. He surprised us all with his special smile, but nothing could change our joy and love for him. He was perfect and he was OURS.
   Sully Joe had been long anticipated by so many, so he had many visitors who came to meet him and love him. He had so many kisses, snuggles and fun gifts come his way once we arrived back home in Minnesota. The Fab Four became the Fab Five, the twins got to meet their cousin, Aunt Maggie got to come take care of him for a few days. Our families who were there for us every step of the way got to meet the addition they had been waiting for as long as we had. It was a really special time full of more love than we could have ever imagined possible.
   On December 14th, after being given the most incredible gift of loving our Sully J for his 2 months and 22 days in our arms, he earned his angel wings and went to be with Jesus in heaven. To say this is the worst and most devastating thing that could ever happen is an understatement. Yet somehow we are still standing. We like to think that our boy is giving us this super human strength to keep moving forward; albeit to a very different future than we had imagined. Every breath we take and every beat of our hearts has him in mind. He is always and forever our sweet baby boy and we will never forget the incredible gift of loving him and how he made us parents.

   One of our very good friends once said, "I think the greatest gift you can give a child is a sibling." So that is where the three of us are on this journey of new life, Sully will hopefully be a big brother someday and another blessing to our family would have an amazing sibling as an angel watching over him or her.


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Tyler and Jamie ready for some Thanksgiving deliciousness!

Jamie's sister's family! Alex, Tim, Gina, Jamie, Tyler, Logan, Jordyn and Taylor. We love our nieces and nephew!

Tyler with his dad, Ed, and our nephews, Myer, Oliver and Owen.

Jamie with her gals on a fun winter girl's weekend.

Tyler holding our nephews soon after they were born!

At the wedding of a good friend! Paul, Lainie, Dan, Angie, Jamie and Tyler

Calvin and Witness getting into the Christmas spirit!!!

The position we usually find Calvin in, asleep:)

Witness is also a champ at the sleeping! Even in awkward positions.

Tyler and Jamie after they got engaged, pretty much the usual silliness.

Tyler and Paul feeding Paul and Lainie's boys up at the cabin. Our newest nephews, Nolan and Ethan.

Jamie holding our nephews Ethan and Nolan in their matching snuggle bunny onesies she bought for them!

Josie doing what she does best: looking cute with that tongue out.

Tyler and Jamie at a Wild game in downtown St Paul.

Paul, Lainie, Jamie and Tyler at Christmas. We always say across the street sisters. One big family!!

Our friend Jaax and Tyler at one of their oldest traditions Monster Jam! Tyler is PUMPED to share this with a kiddo someday.

Best friends/sisters and their moms! Chereen with her daughter Lainie, and Jamie with her mom Bev!

Lainie and Jamie at a fun twins game. Its been a lifetime of memories like this.

Jamie with her nieces and nephew at the best day ever!

Jamie and her gorgeous sister.

Jamie and Tyler at a Red Sox game in Fenway Park!!!!

Tyler and Jamie at the famous "Make Way for Ducklings" statue in Boston.

Here we are at Ed's wedding to his bride Jenny! Its the whole Peek side!

Since we love the cabin so much, its our anniversary tradition to spend a cold winter weekend up there!

The Peek family cabin. So many wonderful memories made and more to come!

We got the joy of watching our one year old nephews for four days!! Loving the cuddle time!

Bedtime stories with uncle Tyler.

It may be cold in Minnesota on New Years Day, but its never too cold for frozen treats!

Spent a wonderful 4th of July weekend up at the Overbeck cabin! We even decked out the camper with a festive banner and lights, as well as ourselves:) Meowica!

First meeting. Welcome to the world Sullivan Joseph, we have loved you from the very start.

Sully J with his amazing, beautiful, and strong birth mama Josie and his handsome, loving and super strong birth daddy Dakota.

First family selfie! Living in a hotel for a week was hard but it was also fun and neat to just have that time as new family of three!

Sully with Josie and her parents Kelly and Troy. Two of the most wonderful and loving people we have ever met.

A snuggle with nana Debbie, Jamie's aunt:)

Sully in his carrier with daddy, couldn't quite decide if he liked it...

Bathing can be chilly work so why not have a warm washcloth as a cuddly blanket!

Uncle Mark and Auntie Regan came almost every Sunday for some football and snuggles.


Showing Auburn pride with daddy for Popsie!

Not quite sure how he felt about Santa.

The night before Sully's first surgery, we were and still are #cleftstrong!

Jamie with her best gal Maggie! The support and love we have from this woman is incredible, how lucky we are:)

Auntie Jamie! Man hearing those words is awesome!! Reading to these two guys is pretty special.





As much as we have a full life with the two of us and our Sully angel, we still feel our hearts can expand in love for a child we can hold in our arms again. We know now how rewarding and joyful parenthood is and we want to share in that once more.


Having openness with our birth parent or parents is something that is really important to us. We look at this as not only growing our family with a child but welcoming in a whole new family into our fold. Sullivan's birth family is still, and always will be, part of our family; they gave us the most precious gift of being able to love him forever as his mom and dad. We look forward to bringing another family into our lives and hearts that can share in the love and hope we have.



We both come from close families. Jamie is an only child on her mom’s side so she was never at a loss for love and attention. They are very excited to continue this journey and possibly welcome another miracle into the family. Jamie has a half brother and sister from her dad who are a bit older and are also enthusiastic for this adventure! Tyler is the youngest of three kids and his family is very close as well. We lost his mom about five years ago, but have been blessed to welcome Ed’s wife Jenny! We now get to snuggle a new addition as Mark and Regan just welcomed their first baby, Cullen, to the world!! We have traditions we do with both families for the holidays and birthdays. Its been harder and harder over the years to keep the timing right as our families grow, but we see that as a WONDERFUL reason to shake things up.

On a typical weekend we might take Josie for walks or bike rides, or go for a motorcycle ride. Depending on the time of year, you might catch us doing yard work and grilling or just relaxing on the patio. During the winter or gloomy days we will be inside with some card, board, or video games. Maybe a movie or a house project.

​There is always time to make plans with family or friends as well. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, special night out, or just a BBQ to catch up! We both see a lot of shows (Broadway, comedy, or concerts) and love to be able to go together or with a group.

​One of our favorite things to do is travel. We have tried to take a trip once a year since we have been together. Its something that is really important to us. We want to see as much of our cool country as we can and will love sharing this with our child. We also have purchased a camper so we can see more of the amazing state of Minnesota. It has already gotten great use at a few holiday weekends! Tyler grew up camping so its something that he is teaching Jamie to love as well.

All in all we feel very lucky and blessed to have the life and families we have. Losing Sullivan was the most painful thing we never knew we could feel, but we have worked so very hard to rebuild our life and family. We are ready for this new chapter in our lives to begin and the growth and change that accompanies it. It's a very exciting thought to imagine our life with a new addition. Not only the addition of a child but the addition of part of another family through openness. We welcome the opportunity to expand our lives and hearts to all of the people who will play an important role in our child’s life.




    Contact us anytime at:

Or if you feel more comfortable please feel free to contact our adoption worker at Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota
Mykelti Blum, LSW